> Summer 2010

Family bike ride
Careful harvester at work
The making of "Marci tugboat"
Marci's maiden voyage
A strong girl pulls Vehd
Vamshi trying out crutches
Sit down, fly kites
Track-hoeing snow
First solo drive
Riding on the 3-legged man
Mangoes are the best
Building a house
The completed house!
Rainbow friends visit
Lots of reading
Houses out of everything
Ah, a bounty from the garden
The Chef makes French toast
Attempting the two rail ladder
Getting around on a bike
Playing news reporter
Looking for The Green Sheep
Discovering a rain stick
Finding the femur bone
Playing market
Getting to know Seattle
International fountain
Crutches are good for ..
The "young Gandhi"
Paper airplanes!
Houses out of everthing, indeed.
You truck, I truck