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December 29, 2003



This really begs the question. What is yourself? I feel the self is always changing. How do you know what you are? And if you don't know what you are what does it mean to be 'be yourself'.

I have often found that there is lot of internal discomfort. Maybe being yourself is being aware of these internal discomforts, acknowledge them, understand them and work through them.


that sounds like me inside you...physically apart and emotionally with the same umbilical cords connecting us. u look lively and boistrous to me.. honest eyes and self motivated from your words... that's me again.
i have no such websiteand am a bit unchooled in these techie aspects. i write and keep to myself, at times send to abhijit or some such soulmates who are internally connected with me.
i am on search and so are you and so we crosseed paths. cheers! lets celebrate wherever we are together in hearts.
my boss has resigned today so our fate will get transformed shortly, we may become an ngo within icrisat or a part of another dept. this is a major shock for several and we are getting sympathetic looks as to where will we go after this??? i know where and my tow other colleagues too know where they want to go, so we are cool and collected. hoever the transition is a process we all will take forwrad and se where and how we shape our own destinies herafter.
prads(feel free to call me thus)


I am curious to know how being yourself has been since this entry in 2003. There are many, many more entries that I could read, but I'm wondering if there is one that helps me grasp the essence of what it is like to practice just being yourself.

I have finally arrived at this place that you have found. I've restoried some of the situations in my life that used to take the wind of my sails. Now, I create my own winds and my own sails. It's quite an adventure.

It really is as simple as you say. I just need to keep reminding myself. Just be myself.


It's easy saying to be yourself, but then actually being yourself is somehow hard. When there are posers stereo typing and such. But the truth of getting to yourself is by going through the process of trying to find yourself. Some people, having a life with family and a job, don't really know there purpose of life. In order to be yourself and be happy being yourself would have to be by finding your real self.


I think being yourself is about knowing what your purpose in life is. You shouldn't have to put on a front when you are around others just be yourself. If people don't like you for who you are then don't worry about it.

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