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I am a mix of the east and the west. I have a rich and liberal eastern indian upbringing mingled with a hearty dose of western experience. I am shy and bold both at the same time. I love the outdoors. I thrive on being amidst nature and soaking in scenic sights. A restless soul, my mind is often visited by random thoughts. One such set of thoughts has become less random - it has to do with self-awareness. You'll find that a lot of my postings will have to do with self-learning, awareness and spirituality (not religiousness). Many of my explorations in awareness are linked to my work as a holistic educator.


gardening, running, mountaineering, cooking, reading, photography, education, snowboarding, partying, these are a few of my favorite things --teaching, old hindi music, old rock, new hindi pop, understanding the world of non-profit work, philosophical discussions ....